Online viewing:

For each module below click the “View Online Version”. You can only view the online version by clicking on the link from this page.

Downloading to a mobile device:

Connect to the internet, and download from your App Store, the “Articulate Mobile Player”.

Download the Articulate Mobile Player for Android

Download the Articulate Mobile Player for iOS

Then open the player, and with the player still open, navigate to your Downloads page and click on the link “Download to your mobile or tablet (after installing the Articulate Mobile Application)”.

The module or book will open in the player. After you exit, it should appear as an icon in your library. The next time you open it, you will see an option to view offline: just move the slider to On and it will download. Now you no longer need to be connected to the internet to view the material.

Downloading to a computer drive:

You will receive a Zip file. Place this in a suitable directory on your hard drive, and extract all files. To view the eBook, double-click on the file story.html. You can place this as a shortcut on your desktop, but if you place several eBooks there you should rename each one (the shortcut, not the original story file) so you know which book you will be opening.