The Rationale for Appropriatech in Prosthodontics

This was a webinar given in 2020 as part of the webinar series of the International College of Prosthodontists and is free to view.

The talk starts at 5m36secs in.

To cusp or not to cusp, or What are teeth for anyway?

This is a web talk given at the invitation of the Saudi Prosthodontic Society ( which had organised such talks in conjunction with the American Academy of Prosthodontics.

The talk looks at the origins of teeth and how different forms of teeth have evolved for different functions, in the animal kingdom, in order to answer the questions Why do we have two sets of teeth, and Why do we have an inert substance over a living, organic one? It then goes on to look at functional occlusion and the dynamics between occlusion and the temporo-mandibular joint, and the problems of both wear and the lack of wear, and how to cope
with those problems when replacing occlusal surfaces with artificial materials from a functional, patient-centred approach.

The talk is about 50 minutes, with 10 minutes of questions at the end.

With thanks to the Saudi Prosthodontics Society for recording the video.